We are interested in stroke education and resuscitation of critically ill neurologic patients.

Have you heard of thrombolysis? We are here to deliver anxiolysis when it comes to learning about stroke. We are a Stroke Educational podcast originally developed by a keen group of doctors in the Neurology program in Toronto. We are also the official podcast of the Canadian Stroke Consortium and will be releasing episodes with the prefix “CSC” to designate those podcasts. Ideas and opinions are our own and not any institution or hospital, and this podcast is not a substitute for expert medical advice. The purpose of this podcast is medical education.

The following are podcasts, vlogs, and other multimedia recorded for educational purposes only. Content will be added including the ICU Boot Camp series, an interview series with Dr. Martin Chapman (Neurointensivist in Sunnybrook Health Science) for TBI, in addition to podcasts for the NORSE Institute dealing with status epilepticus.