Welcome to the Stroke Innovations Lab, where cutting-edge machine learning meets quality improvement in the realm of neurologic care. (PI, Dr. Khosravani) - We're a team of interdisciplinary researchers devoted to revolutionizing the treatment of stroke and other neurologic disorders. Our pioneering work in "Sonic Diagnosis" leverages voice recognition and audio signal processing to enhance acute inpatient stroke care. In our "stroke resuscitation" project, we've innovatively applied Crisis Resource Management principles and simulations to refine the life-saving code stroke process. Through the Neurovascular Innovations CollaborativE (NICE), we're setting new standards for acute stroke treatment. We're also deeply committed to the humane aspect of medical care, advocating for the routine integration of palliative care in stroke treatment. As contributors to the Stroke FM Podcast, we aim to disseminate our research and best practices to a broader audience. Here, you'll find an amalgamation of sophisticated technology, transformative protocols, and compassionate approaches aimed at advancing the quality of neurological care.